Apple unveils new HomePod, iMac and iPad models

One of the biggest and most tragic events of 2020 can be considered the outbreak of coronary heart disease, which has so far endangered the lives of thousands of people and challenges businesses large and small every day. We are currently witnessing the cancellation of various events, each of which was intended to unveil new products.

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However, the cancellation of the events did not prevent the unveiling of the companies’ products, and we have witnessed the introduction of the achievements of different companies in the form of online video. Apple has also introduced some of its products online without holding a press conference with enthusiasts and reporters.

In the meantime, we know that a new iPhone will be unveiled soon ; But rumors suggest that the introduction of the iPhone  9 or iPhone SE 2  is not the only product Apple is considering, and it seems that the Cupertinos are looking to unveil more products.

There was a recent report that Apple is preparing to introduce more products in 2020. So far, we have seen the unveiling of the MacBook Air and iPad Pro among the mentioned products , and we will probably see the release of the new iPad Pro tablet equipped with mini LED technology.

Now, there is a report that Apple wants to unveil a new model of MacBook Pro laptop with Apple Watch 6 Series and possibly the latest model of Apple TV. In addition, we know that the iPhone 12 series is on its way, and if there is no problem in Apple’s plans, we will see the unveiling of the first iPhone series equipped with 5G communication technology . The report also mentions new models of iPad pods and tablets .

In March, Apple reportedly allowed its engineers to take some unannounced products home and work on developing, testing and debugging them during the self-corneal period due to the outbreak of coronary heart disease.

Along with the products being developed, there seems to be a new iOS operating system , and Apple engineers and employees are developing it from home, testing iOS 14 on a variety of devices, including unannounced products.

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